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Meet T&T Intern, Suz!

Hi, my name is Suzanne but most call me Suz.

I am originally from South Africa & moved to Nashville in 2018. I’m a very passionate and driven individual with an enormous love for ecotourism, sustainability, conservation and the African continent.

My interest in ecotourism and conservation stems from the small town I come from, Graskop, which is just a short 40-minute drive from the famous Kruger National Park where I spent most of my weekends and holidays with my family since I was a baby.

Always having close access and exposure to very popular conservation & eco-destinations in SA, I quickly learnt the importance of protecting these areas and the wildlife. I wanted to be a part of ensuring that future generations can appreciate our natural world and the incredible species that live inside of it.

I went to college in SA, graduating with a postgrad degree in Tourism Management specializing in ecotourism, interpretation, and sustainability.

I’ve always dreamt of becoming a safari guide or working in the conservation/environmental field. However, my dream was put on hold when I moved to the US.

I still plan on completing a guiding course when the time is right. Meanwhile, I enjoy spending my time hiking with my dog Dela, reading, taking photos, cooking and I never miss a chance to be outdoors learning about the incredible fauna and flora that the United States has to offer.

I am so excited and thrilled to be joining the T&T team and I absolutely love what they do and stand for!

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