Jomi Krobb Hadley Pierce Livingstone

Jomi and Hadley grew up traveling around the world with their families and fell under Africa's spell at a young age. Jomi, who is German by birth but grew up in Dublin, graduated with honors from Trinity College in Ireland and Hadley, who grew up in Boston, graduated magna cum laude with honors from the University of Richmond in the U.S. Unable to get rid of the urge to return to Africa, both respectively moved to South Africa to pursue a guiding career after graduating. After completing their guiding training on year long courses, the pair met while guiding in South Africa in 2015.

Since then, they spent time guiding and managing lodges in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, and Namibia. For the last two years, the pair managed the prestigious Bisate Lodge in Rwanda. They are currently based out of Boston and return to Africa regularly throughout the year.

They've acquired an in-depth understanding of the areas and what makes a safari unforgettable. They plan and privately guide trips so as to share their passion for wildlife and conservation with others. If you’re interested in joining them on a safari or having them organize an itinerary for you feel free to reach out to them via their contact page.