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About Safari Stories Podcast:

Trunks & Tracks Co-founders Jomi Krobb and Hadley Pierce share wild stories about what life is like living in the African bush and working as a safari guide. Safari Stories is a light-listening podcast with short episodes to make you laugh, fall in love with Africa, and learn about the wild ways of the African bush.

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Episode 32: Mombo Magic: A leopard sighting we will never forget

On our last day in the Okavango Delta, we have a series of sightings at Mombo Camp that absolutely blow our minds and leave Hadley speechless and Jomi in tears. A young male leopard puts on a spectacular show for us, attempting to snuff warthogs out of burrows on the ground before climbing into a tree above the burrow to try for an aerial approach. The next day, we spend the whole afternoon with the same leopard. The sighting begins with the leopard having has his first romantic encounter with a female and ends with what Jomi and Hadley say is an image they will never forget for the rest of their lives. This is truly a must-listen episode, action-packed from beginning to end.

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