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Located between the Limpopo and Zambezi river in southern Africa, Zimbabwe is a country which allows access to proper rugged African wilderness, extremely rewarding savanna safari, and ample opportunities to photograph and view both predators and large herbivores from a vehicle, boat and on foot. The two main national parks to do this are Mana Pools, on the banks of the Zambezi river in the north and Hwange, on the eastern edge of the Kalahari basin to the west. Mana Pools is renowned within Africa for some of the best walking safaris and the chance to see elephants stand on their back feet to reach leaves at the top of trees. Rounding off these parks with a trip to Victoria Falls and a lodge overlooking the Zambezi river makes Zimbabwe an incredible destination to visit.

 Key Points:

-Main attractions: Mana Pools for on-foot wild dog and elephant viewing experiences, fantastic photographic safari opportunities, Hwange for elephants en masse and quintessential savanna, Victoria Falls

-Best visited: May – November

-Suggested stay length: 8-12 days

-Suggested traveller: First timers, return visitors, birders, wilderness lovers


Click on the photo to view the full itinerary for each trip



  • 9 days / 8 nights

  • 2 nights boutique hotel, Victoria Falls

  • 3 nights classic safari lodge, Hwange NP

  • 3 nights classic safari lodge, Mana Pools NP 

  • Pricing from: USD: 7,620, includes all charter flights

Photo: Wilderness Safaris

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