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20 Questions with our Co-Founders, Jomi and Hadley. Watch the video Q&A here, or read their full answers below! 





  1. Full name: Hadley Wood Pierce

  2. From: Boston

  3. Currently: Dublin

  4. Age at first Africa visit: 12 years old

  5. Favorite book: tie: A Man Called Ove & This is How It Always Is

  6. Quarantine hobbies: taking and editing photos & hanging with my BFLF(best four legged friend) George

  7. Next new African country you want to visit: Ethiopia

  8. Favorite animal: elephants & hyenas--both have matriarchies. Gotta love groups that are run by the women, am I right?!?

  9. Afraid of: spiders and sunburns

  10. A word you can never spell: 'license'

  11. Favorite Bush Book: The Cry of the Kalahari by Mark and Delia Owens

  12. Favorite African country: it's a tie between Namibia & Rwanda

  13. A texture that you hate: velvet

  14. Any broken bones?: ankle, two pinky toes, and a middle finger

  15. Scars?: one on my forehead where my sister "accidentally" hit me in the head with a bucket as a child and I had to get my forehead stapled back together. TBH apparently I walked basically directly into her swinging bucket. 

  16. Super power of choice: to be able to aparate or to be able to speak any language

  17. Hidden dream: to write a book

  18. Siblings: 3 sisters (I’m #3 of the 4)

  19. First book you read: Henry and Mudge

  20. # of days would you last in solitary confinement: TBD



  1. Full name: Johan Moritz (Jomi) Krobb 

  2. From: born in Germany, raised in Dublin, Ireland

  3. Age at first Africa visit: 2 years old! 

  4. Favorite book: many, but Catch 22 by Joseph Heller is a classic & firm favourite

  5. Favorite Bush Book: The Sheltering Desert by Henno Martin

  6. Hidden dream: to walk the Pacific Crest or Appalachian Trail

  7. Favorite African country: Namibia

  8. Pet peeve: when people are sloppy and untidy for no reason

  9. Favorite animal: probably leopard...photogenic, elusive, mysterious, elegant. Snow leopard is high on the list but I haven't seen one yet.

  10. A smell that you love: currently, when people fire up their BBQs on a warm day--reminds me of normality, childhood and summer coming

  11. A texture that you hate: styrofoam, good lord....

  12. Broken bones: not that I know of....

  13. Next new African country you want to visit: Chad

  14. Scars: chin and knee from falling off my bike age 7

  15. Bad habit: constantly twiddling with my beard

  16. Weird hidden hobbies: watching pro poker tournaments. And birding (which isn't weird in my profession but is to everyone else)

  17. Random fear: crocodiles, they're so gnarly and ancient and there's just no off-switch

  18. Siblings: one sister named Karli. She's 3 years younger and working as a speech therapist in Singapore. She's also an Africa aficionado 

  19. First book you remember reading: Astrid Lindgren Die Bruder Lowenherz (Swedish children's stories)

  20. # of days you would last in solitary confinement: 30 seconds

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