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A Kgalagadi Safari

We’re back and we’re in South Africa for Season 3 of the Safari Stories Podcast!

Jomi and Hadley sit down with Mike Anderson after the three have just returned from a trip to Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, a part of the Kalahari desert in the north-western part of the country.

They discuss where the name Kalahari or Kgalakgadi comes from, what makes this part of the world so special and several of our favorite sightings while in the desert. In winter, temperatures range from 28 Fahrenheit by night to 90 Fahrenheit by day making for very active predator sightings both by day and night.

Mike talks about a very special morning tracking a male lion, which had always been a dream of his to see in the desert.

Jomi fondly remembers a sighting of two cheetah brothers on the move, both displaying various different types of interesting and somewhat uncharacteristic behavior.

Hadley chats about a very memorable bat-eared fox sighting and what makes these little creatures so special.

Though the trip involved a lot of driving, it will stick in all our memories for a long time. Find out what camps we stayed at and what our favorite parts of the Kgalagadi were. At the end of the episode we also discuss the strangest ground squirrel sighting any of us have ever had.

Tune in! You can listen to the Safari Stories podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast, SoundCloud, our website, or wherever you listen to your podcasts! Links below.


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