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Capturing the Moment on Safari

In Episode 12 of the Safari Stories Podcast, we talk about how to best document a safari--whether it’s journaling, using your phone camera or using a professional DSLR camera with a telephoto lens, everyone will have different preferences. Below, are some of the favorite photos and videos we’ve taken while out on safari.

Taken on safari at Mombo Camp in Botswana's Okavango Delta. This was taken by Hadley when she was 12 years old on her first safari.

Shot on her very chunky, AA-battery powered Olympus digital camera, the photo shows the automatic flash that went off and is reflected in the African Wild Dogs' eyes! She was still a safari-photography novice at this point ;)

1 of 3 leopard cubs that Jomi helped to habituate to safari game-drive vehicles while guiding at Marataba Safari Lodge in South Africa.

Jomi describes this moment, "I took this photo using my old Canon 7D Mark I with a 100 – 400 mm telephoto lens. The little female was perched so lazily on the log we were able to get nice and close and though the light was quite low as the sun was setting, I managed to get a clear shot of her staring into space while resting on her front paw." Image taken at Marataba Private Game Reserve, Marakele National Park, South Africa.

On their last day at the Ngorogoro Crater in Tanzania, Hadley (then 15-years-old) and her dad braved the cold weather and descended into the crater for one last game drive. They were fortunate to watch the sunrise crest the lip of the crater rim while an elephant bull slowly walked towards them.

Hadley photographed the sunrise and the elephant on the first DSLR camera she ever used--a Nikon D3500. Experiences like this, viewing and photographing elephants and other animals while on safari in the African bush, are what drove Hadley to constantly return to Africa and to eventually decide to move to the continent she had fallen in love with.

Over 10 years after that elephant photo was taken, Hadley took this photo of a leopard--however, this time, she took the photo on her own Canon 7D Mark II DSLR camera with a 100-400mm telephoto lens as the co-founder of her own safari travel company--Trunks & Tracks.

A Wild Dog Tug of War. While on safari in the Sabi Sands, Jomi shot this incredible video. Of the sighting, Jomi says, "This was the beginning of quite a chaotic wild dog hunt. We arrived to see the pack squabbling over the remains of an impala lamb they had just killed and eat, two members of the pack were playing with the impala head as if it were a toy. Shortly after this the pack went hunting again, we followed them through dense vegetation for about an hour before losing them. I’m sure they would have killed again that day; they were in an insatiable mood and one impala lamb is simply not enough for a pack that size.’ Taken at Savanna Private Game Reserve, Sabi Sands, South Africa. Video using a Sony FDRAX53.

This is Hadley's favorite of all the wildlife photos Jomi has taken over the years. Jomi describes the sighting: "I think the reason this photo is out of focus is because of how quickly I had to take it. I drove around the corner and the two brothers were strutting in my direction, side by side and in perfect unison. I just had time to lift the camera and get the shot -an incredible sighting for my guests and I as the lions were also backlit by the early morning sun. Taken on the old Canon 7D mark I at Marataba Private Game Reserve, Marakele National Park, South Africa."

In summary, we love using a combination of high-def photography, camera-phone photography, videography, journaling, and species lists to document our travels all around Africa. Some of our favorite products are below (we're not endorsed to say this, we just love these products!)

Our Favorite Products!

(Here Hadley has her lens wrapped in a buff to keep the dust out!)

  • Sony FDR-AX53 4K Ultra HD Handycam Camcorder, Link Here


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