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Marataba, Makuleke, and Magashi; Insights from Hein Myers

For this week's episode of the Safari Stories Podcast, Jomi is in White River, South Africa talking to best friend and Africa expert, Hein Myers (and his 10-week-old jack russell puppy, who makes more than one appearance).

Above: Mike Anderson, Hein Myers, and Jomi Krobb messing around in ridiculous bush outfits while guiding friends in Kruger National Park

Hein Myers has been guiding in the safari industry since 2014. Having completed his training with Ecotraining and subsequently worked in the Northern Kruger at Makuleke, Hein went on to join Jomi at Marataba Safari Lodge before working at and helping in the opening of Magashi Camp in Akagera National Park, Rwanda.

Above: Photo taken by Hein Myers on the Magashi Concession of Akagera National Park, Rwanda

Hein shares his thoughts on Marataba and its stunning scenery, why it is the idea spot for a first time safari goer and what a first timer should do to prepare for his or her first trip.

Above: Photo by Hein Myers

We also discuss why Magashi Camp in Akagera National Park, Rwanda is so special, something that can no doubt be attributed to the unique park management model that non-profit organisation African Parks brings to the table.

Above: A lion pride with cubs in Akagera National Park. These lions were re-introduced into Rwanda by African Parks as part of a plan to re-establish flagship species that had been driven to local extinction. Photo by Hein Myers.

Hein also tells us where he would still like to guide and what he would still like to see before asking Jomi a few question of his own! The two are also joined by Hein’s dog on the show, a puppy that’s definitely too young to be left alone yet.

Above: Hein and his brand new lil puppy (who is sound asleep)

This episodes has a lot of laughs and a few moments not to be taken too seriously, most importantly it’s a great way to escape the week and look forward to the next Africa trip.

As always, we find out where Hein still wants to visit!

Tune in! You can listen to the Safari Stories podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast, SoundCloud, our website, or wherever you listen to your podcasts! Links below.


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