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Sightings from a Cracking Kruger Safari

We are back in the US after a month in the South African bush and in this week's episode of Safari Stories, we recall some of our favourite sightings from our most recent trip. We talk about the Shishangaan white lion and seeing him twice in a week and how differently he acted towards his brother on each occasion. Hadley discusses some interesting baboon family behaviour and dynamics and some pesky vervet monkeys while camping.

Jomi fondly talks about his last morning on safari, trying to make his flight home while having an incredible drive out of the park, from more male lions and their antics to seeing a cheetah on the hunt.

This week’s episode is all anecdotal action! Don't miss it. See below for photos from some of the sightings discussed.

Tune in! You can listen to the Safari Stories podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast, our website, or wherever you listen to your podcasts! Links below.

Above: The Shishangaan white male lion above (sometimes also known as "Casper"). Photo: Hadley Pierce

Above: You can see his many battle scars in the photo above. Photo: Hadley Pierce

Above: One of the female lions "presenting," or showing her interest in mating to the Shishangaan white male. Photo: Hadley Pierce

Above: The Shishangaan white male's brother who has the typical coloring for a lion. Photo: Hadley Pierce

Above: You can see the size difference between a female (left) and male (right) adult baboon.

Photo: Hadley Pierce

Above: The little baboon infant squirming to get away after the adult male stopped to take a break.

Photo: Hadley Pierce

Above: Our beautiful (albeit monkey-laden) camp at Pretoriuskup in Kruger National Park.


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