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The Morning Report

In Episode 14 of the Safari Stories Podcast, Jomi and Hadley talk about some current topics making the headlines both in Africa and globally.

Earlier in the year, around 350 elephants mysteriously died in Botswana’s Okavango Panhandle. Whilst the cause is still unknown, experts have been able to narrow down the possibilities to two main theories. A rodent virus called EMC and neurotoxins released by blue-green algae.

Photo: NYTimes

Africa is re-opening its borders! Some countries, such as South Africa are still closed to international tourism but Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia and Namibia have all opened over the past months and now is the time to go! Many COVID-19 precautions have been put in place to ensure that all travelers are safe.

Photo: RwandAir

What has been happening in Rwanda over the last week? Known until now as a genocide hero for saving 1200 people at ‘Hotel Rwanda’ in 1994, Paul Rusesabagina has been arrested in Rwanda by the government and will stand trial and face terrorism charges.

Photo: CNN

Lastly, Jomi shares some positive news from Zimbabwe: The government had recently allowed mining to commence in Hwange National Park, a decision which sparked domestic and international outrage and was luckily reversed this week -on top of that, no mining is allowed to happen in any of the country’s national parks any more.

Photo: Hadley Pierce


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