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Wow, did that really just happen?!

In this week's episode of the Safari Stories Podcast, Jomi and Hadley go back to basics and tell some good old-fashioned bush stories. From a gruesome lion kill to spotting one of Africa’s shyest creatures on foot, each of these sightings left Jomi and Hadley gaping at each other, wondering “did that really just happen?!” Here are some of the photos that accompany each sighting.

Seen during an overlanding trip in Namibia, Hadley describes a unique sighting at one of Etosha National Park's famous watering holes. A pride of young lions were sleeping beside a waterhole and causing a massive traffic jam as various species of herbivores tried to come for a drink. Two of the lionesses started hunting a hornless oryx and an oblivious warthog which made for a unique scene as many animals scattered in panic. Photos: Hadley Pierce

Below watch a video of the lionesses' first attempt to hunt the hornless oryx. Video: Hadley Pierce

While on a game drive at Marataba Safari Lodge in South Africa, Jomi and his guests watched as a lioness and lion brought down a warthog that had come out of its burrow. The lioness chased and caught the warthog, which the lion then promptly stole from her, killing it with a swift bite to the neck before dragging it into a nearby thicket (as pictured) and feeding on it away from prying eyes. Marataba Safari Lodge is in Marakele National Park in the Waterberg region of South Africa. Photo: Jomi Krobb

While leading a a walking safari trail back in 2015, Jomi spotted a pair of mating black rhino in the reeds. Jomi and his guests were able to observe this incredible scene for close to an hour as the rhinos had no idea they were there. The sighting was made all the more special knowing they were witnessing the procreation of a highly endangered species. There are roughly 4,000 black rhino remaining in the wild in Africa today. Because of the poaching threats rhinos face, we do not disclose the locations of any rhino sightings/photos taken. All credit to guest Andy for the fantastic photographs!

On a different Namibia overlanding trip, Hadley and Jomi decided to end their long day by climbing a ‘koppie’ or rocky outcrop to watch the sun set over the beautiful Namib desert. While on top of the koppie, they heard a strange bark, resembling a mixture between the vocalization of a baboon and a jackal...

Photo: Hadley Pierce

After a while, a shaggy dog looking creature came into view, and they realized it was the highly elusive aardwolf, which is actually an insect-eating member of the hyena family. Hadley managed to get her camera to take a few photos and videos as they watched the aardwolf walking into the evening light.

Photo: Hadley Pierce

Video below: Listen as the Aardwolf demonstrates its territorial 'bark'. Video: Hadley Pierce


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