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"What Was That Sound?!"

In Episode 15 of the Safari Stories podcast, Jomi and Hadley share some of their favorite, least-favorite, and the more bizarre sounds from the bush. Can you guess what creatures they belong to?

The woodland kingfisher has an iconic sound to most people who work in the bush. It arrives from central Africa in Spring (around October) and is then incessantly heard for months.

Photo: Ian Davies, eBirds

Ever heard a white rhino? These gentle giants are not often heard and when they do make a sound, it’s not at all what you might think.

Photo: Hadley Pierce

Black rhinos live in denser vegetation than their cousins and feed on twigs and leaves of trees and shrubs. While feeding, the chomping noise they make is very distinct and not necessarily one you want to get close to while out on trail.

Photo: Hadley Pierce

A leopard roars? Yes, though not nearly as well known as the lion’s roar, a leopard vocalization is also classified as a roar and can be heard from miles away. This sound however, resembles somebody kickstarting an old motorbike or sawing a log with an old rusty saw.

Photo: Hadley Pierce

Ostrich or Lion? Who would have thought the calls of two such different creatures could sound so similar!

Photo: Hadley Pierce


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